Take education to a new level!

Residential Program Information

Take education to a new level by bringing your class to camp!

Students will focus and have fun while living, learning and eating together during their 3, 4 or 5 days at camp. There is a unique social learning aspect to the residential school camp experience. Watch your students learn and grow in a camp setting!

Programs and services we provide:

  • 24 hour first aid and medication administration provided by trained health officers.
  • Instructors are first aid and CPR trained and have backround checks.
  • Boys and girls dormitories that sleep 66 students each.
  • Overnight supervision of the dormitories provided by 2 trained OEC instructors in each dorm.
  • Opportunities for problem solving and social skill development.
  • Adventure & Team building, STEM Activities, Ecology and Outdoor Pursuits
  • Consistent and fair discipline policy used by both teachers and OEC instructors.
  • Competitive Rates.

We know that we have a big responsibility since parents are entrusting their child’s safety and well-being to us while they are here. Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some specific questions. Also please read our Parent Handbook (right side of the page). We encourage parents to call us if they have further questions.  

Purpose of the School Camping Program
Outdoor Education is based on the premise that exposing children to the out-of-doors in the school setting develops an initial awareness leading to a reasonable understanding of mankind's ultimate dependence upon our natural environment. The school camping program thus becomes an extension of the classroom where teachers and their students use the out-of-doors as a laboratory in which to study, explore, and live in our natural environment. The experience also offers children the chance to develop skills and interests in outdoor recreation which will carry over into later life. This time of living together in a camp setting offers children the opportunity to live democratically with other children and adults as they study, work, and live together.
It is all too common today that children spend very little time outdoors. Research shows that spending time in the outdoors enriches children’s lives in a myriad of ways; enhancing imagination, cognitive skills, problem solving skills and general well-being. Additionally, having a safe, enjoyable, “away from parent” experience is a natural and healthy part of growing up.

Registration Requirements
All forms for both parents and teachers are found on the right side of this page.  Parents must complete and sign the "Student Registration and Health Information Form".  If you are sending any medication, including “over the counter” varieties, an additional "Medication Permission Form" is required. While a physical examination is not required, the Medication Permission Form does require a physician’s signature for the administration of any medication. This information is required by State regulations, and is helpful to the camp staff in planning activities. We do need these forms ahead of time and your teacher will let you know the time table for returning forms. The "Medication Information" sheet gives specific information about guidelines for medications.

Children are supervised 24 hours a day. In addition to the classroom teacher, there is a permanent camp staff of Director, Daytime Health Officer, Program Coordinator, Night Health Officer, Instructor/Counselors, maintenance staff, and kitchen staff. Each classroom of students is assigned two Instructor/Counselors as their group leaders. The boys’ dormitory and girls’ dormitory are each supervised by two Instructor/Counselors. The dorm doors are alarmed and leaders make at least three camper counts during the evening. All staff is hired with school safety clearance protocols.

Health Service
Two trained Health Officers cover all health needs 24 hours a day during the camp program. The Day Health Officer schedules medication, checks on health and diet problems, and provides first aid and care for students who become ill. During the evening and nighttime hours the Night Health Officer is on duty to provide health care and distribute medications. Please call ahead to advise us of special health situations. Camp provides basic first aid supplies but does not stock any medication. We can only give medication that is brought by the student, in the original container, and has a completed medication permission form. Medication is collected upon arrival at camp.

Allergies have become a major concern. There is a place on the Registration and Health Information Form to indicate any food or other allergies. In addition to discussing allergies with the child’s teacher, parents should contact the OEC directly well in advance of the camp trip so we can discuss proper care procedures and potential accommodations.

Special Needs
We try to accommodate all children’s needs and pride ourselves on being very flexible. However, we do have limitations. Please call camp to discuss any concerns or possible accommodations and we will try to work out a plan.

Parent Visitation
Parents are welcome to visit the Outdoor Education Center. However, it does interfere with the camp routine and may cause homesickness problems for all the children. If a child is anxious and would like to see camp and meet staff ahead of time with their parents, we encourage pre-camp visits. Please call camp to arrange a time to visit.

Want more information?

Email Jenny Madden, Program Coordinator, to schedule a personal visit of our camp: