Some of your Questions:


Q. Can I call my son or daughter at camp?

We understand that you might miss your child and want to just say “Hi”. While you might think that it would be a simple thing, it can be very disruptive to their schedule and their mental attitude at camp. If you have a special concern, please talk to their teacher and arrange with them for updates. If you just miss your child, write them a note and send it or save it for them upon their return. Talking to your child at camp is not out of the question, it just is strongly discouraged and talking to the teacher first is best.


Q. I know my child will be homesick, so can I promise them they can call me whenever they want?

We really try to discourage phone calls home because in our many years of school camping, talking to home rarely results in comfort and strength for the child. A call usually confirms their desire to go home and many parents crumble under the pressure of a crying child.


Q. Why do we need a doctor to sign a medicine permission slip for Tylenol?

Since we are part of the Battle Creek Public Schools, we must follow the school district’s policy regarding medication administration in a public school for non licensed personnel. It states that all medication, whether it is over the counter (OTC), herbal remedy, vitamin or prescription requires a permission slip signed by the Doctor (or other licensed practitioner in their office). The ultimate goal is the safe distribution of medicine to children.


Q. Where is the nearest Hospital?

The nearest hospital or urgent care facility is Spectrum Health Pennock in Hastings, MI. Our 911 calls are responded to by Johnstown Township fire department which can arrive within minutes.


Q. How Safe is your Camp?

We have trained staff and policies in place for all emergencies. We maintain cell phone or radio contact with each other at all times.


Q. Can your camp be rented for other things besides school camping?

Yes!  We host family reunions, sports camps, band camps, weddings and other gatherings.  See our "Rentals" page for more details or call the Director at 269-721-8161.