Virtual Programs

OEC Virtual Activity Offerings

OEC Virtual Activity Offerings!

The OEC is offering several virtual classes, all listed below. Each program will be adapted and geared towards the grade level of the class participating and will cover NGSS if applicable. Each program will be for a single class with a maximum of 30 students in attendance. The teacher/organizer of the class will set up the call with their school’s video conferencing platform of choice and invite the OEC Instructor to join the call.

Cost: $30 / program. Programs will last 30-60 minutes depending on what the teacher would like for their class. 

To book one of these programs contact Jenny Madden at or call 269-721-8161.

Clear Lake Science Camp

Creature Features

Grades: Any    

Interested in learning more about the animals that live at the OEC? This is the class for you! Choose from our Eastern Screech Owl, Corn Snake, Red Tailed Boa & Russian Tortoise or our Blue Spotted Salamander. The program will be adapted based on the grade level of the class and will go over the Class (Bird, Reptile, Amphibian) traits of your chosen animal as well as discuss specific features of the organism. There will be time for questions from students with any class chosen.


Clear Lake Robotics Camp

Adaptations - Build A Better Beast

Grades: Any    

Animals have many adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive in their environment. This class will discuss a variety of adaptations and talk about the differences between habitats. The instructor will then lead the students in an art assignment to challenge them to build a better beast for a specific environment. (Students will need access to paper and pencil, preferably colored pencils, markers, or crayons.)


Deer Trail

Local Mammals

Grades: Any    

In this class, students will get to learn about several of the mammals that call this area of Michigan home. Animal pelts and skulls will be used to talk about the natural history of these mammals.


Additional virtual class offerings include:
• Animal Communication
• Introduction to Tracking